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sublimation paper supplier


sublimation paper supplier Special heat transfer ink is used to print all kinds of patterns on special heat transfer paper, and then transfer to product by temperature and pressure..

The main application in

1. sublimation paper supplier provide Color DIMBOA. Nylex. Oxford. Lycra fabric. Non - woven fabrics. Electronic velvet fabric dye sublimation process. Widely used in handbags and clothing. Shoes. Toys and other fabric cloth printing. Clothing decoration cloth, curtain cloth, sand release, umbrella cloth, handbags, Carpet cloth, toys with a cloth and so on thermal transfer printed flowers. The company has a variety of patterns, animals, landscapes, camouflage striae of printing rollers of different styles of more than 2000 sets

2. sublimation paper supplier provide The surface heat transfer decorative plastic material 2 high temperature resistant plastic material or by spraying, paint, electrophoresis after treatment

3.By spraying, painting, electrophoresis processing of metal decorative panels, door of guard against theft, metal mould pressing doors, aluminum profiles, metal ceiling, curtain rails, metal circular tube, arts and crafts, metal furniture and other metal surface heat transfer decoration. Product styles: the company existing wood, marble, pattern, parquet and three-dimensional relief effect of different styles of printing and more than 1500 sets, can also be based on customer demand for color printing. Other conditions: according to customer demand or open system version custom palette. Various natural leather front and back.

4.PU or PVC surfaces such as fabrics, etc., such as PU or PVC.

Adopt flat hot press or roller hot press. We recommend you before transfer printing paper in the leather spray Pu or acrylic acid resin (acrylic resin), because most of the PU resin, acrylic resin is "self crosslinking". It means that you use for a short period of time transfer can avoid losing its thermal plasticity. Temperature: 90 - 110 degrees Celsius (203 degrees Fahrenheit) pressure: 20-30; kg/cm2; time: 4-6 seconds

Product packaging specifications: Volume length: 100/500 meters (109.40/547 code); width: 150 cm (59 inch)

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