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sublimation paper in china

since 2005, the first digital sublimation paper in china (hereinafter referred to as the transfer paper) production line in suzhou all well coated products co., LTD., production, transfer printing paper in just five years China has experienced a dependence on imported from 100% to a large number of exports of rapid change, this change is not only to fill the gaps in this field in our country, but also promoted the rapid development of China's digital sublimation heat transfer printing market, 05 years ago imported Dutch transfer paper of the retail price is as high as 18 yuan per square meter, now because of the popularity of localization has forced the transfer paper imports fell below the 5 yuan per square meter, and the price of the domestic transfer paper has less than half of the import transfer paper, heat transfer paper price flat for digital sublimation transfer printing technology "old Wang Xietang former yan, flying into ordinary people", she is not only a transfer paper production enterprise to bring hundreds of millions of annual sales revenue, more important is to promote the development of the China digital printing processing, if estimated processing income is ten times the value of the transfer paper, then the market for digital printing in China is developing in the recent 5 years to society is a significant contribution to the employment and development opportunities.

In the past two years the domestic transfer printing paper production enterprises have created more than a dozen, and continue to produce, all good company is located in suzhou new born five taiping town nearby. Competition to transfer paper manufacturing enterprises improve the quality of our products and also prompt transfer paper has dropped even below cost, the lower while the user cost of paper, but also to the healthy development of young Chinese transfer paper enterprises was overshadowed.

Transfer paper looks simple, but it's not easy. To produce a good and stable quality of transfer paper not only needs high technology across multiple disciplines, but also need to be a good team. We track the domestic transfer printing paper production enterprises and a number of products, delighted to see that most of the enterprises transfer paper quality is improving, but also see some enterprise products can not be stable or lost quality improvement direction.

Here is how to determine digital sublimation paper in china some opinions on the quality, for users and counterparts to discuss.

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